Festival Beer List

Not every beer is available at all times. Some beers will already have been drunk and others may not be ready yet. Look for the cask cards which indicate which beers are 'on'.

As well as beer and cider we also have a wide range of Belgian beers, English wines from Mersea Island Vineyard and soft drinks.

Brewer Beersort descending Style Description ABV
Colchester 16/884 No.3 Porter No notes available, but it is a rare beer 6.0%
Bridge House Aired Ale Bitter An English pale ale, that has a malty biscuit character with mixed fruit aromas and a lasting dry finish 4.1%
Portobello American Pale Ale Best Bitter A fruity clean & refreshing beer with citrusy notes of orange and pink grapefruit 5.0%
Lincoln Green Archer Bitter Blonde and packed with three of the biggest hitting USA hops, this one punches above it's ABV with a surprising amount of body 4.0%
Ossett Azacca Single Hop Bitter High levels of bitterness, followed by flavours of citrus fruits and marmalade 4.0%
Harwich Bathside Battery Golden Heavily hopped to give satisfying bitterness levels, the floral and grapefruit aroma are due to the oodles of Cascade hops added 4.2%
Reedley Hallows Beer O'Clock Golden A golden refreshing citrus ale with a pleasant bitter aftertaste 3.8%
Billericay Billericay Dickie Bitter A balanced amber ale with biscuit notes 4.2%
Red Fox Black Fox Porter Porter A rich black beer, very malty with smooth chocolate notes and hints of liquorice. Smooth, but not too dry. 4.8%
Great Heck Black Jesus Speciality Black Jesus is a black IPA brewed with biblical quantities of premium American hops and special de-husked German roasted malt 6.5%
Pig & Porter Blackbird Stout Stout The complex blend of dark malts brings delicate flavours of roasted coffee & Cacao Nibs while the hops bring a balanced bitterness 4.0%
Navigation Blonde Golden This smooth drinker has a yeasty, almost sour note – reminiscent of a Belgian-style golden ale 5.0%
Pressure Drop Bosko IPA A classic American IPA 6.5%
Peerless Boston Red Best Bitter An American hopped malt ale which is red in colour and has a fruity hop finish 4.5%
Trumans Bow Bells Golden This beer is infused with orange and lemon zest as well as orange blossom to give a boost to the crushable citrus juiciness 4.2%
Shalford Braintree Market Ale Bitter A traditional easy drinking session beer with a hoppy, lingering, dry bitter finish 4.0%
Watson's Bravo Delta Best Bitter An American Brown ale that is hoppier than the British version, with American Bravo and Delta hops 5.3%
Colchester Brazilian Porter Wonderful balance of coffee and vanilla flavours brought to the fore by the poky 6% ABV and set against a smooth and malty body 6.0%
Harwich Brussels Bitter Amber in colour traditional English bitter 3.8%
Trumans Captain Lockwood Golden Hints of grape and gooseberry on the pallet. aromatic and citrusy, with earthy undertones and a smooth bitter finish. 4.2%
Heritage Charington Oatmeal Stout Stout A well-balanced nutty flavour with a slight bitterness and a hint of treacle. Surprisingly full-bodied 4.0%
Titanic Cherry Dark Best Bitter This black bitter uses US and Slovenian hops and is infused with cherries that subtly come through on the aftertaste 4.4%
Goose Eye Chinook Blonde Golden Bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops, which provide it with a most distinctive and captivating taste 4.2%
1648 Choco-Orange Mild Mild This new beer from 1648 combines citrus flavours into a dark beer leaving a light smooth chocolate taste in the mouth 3.6%
Titanic Chocolate and Vanilla Stout Stout A fabulous stout with the addition of the smoothest of sweeteners, silky chocolate and mellow vanilla 4.5%
Mauldons Christie’s Gold Golden A light, golden and hoppy refreshing beer 3.9%
Hopback Citra Golden Brewed with English & American hops, this golden thirst-quenching ale has a lemony, grape-fruity aftertaste with a crisp dry bitterness 4.0%
Red Fox Coggeshall Gold Golden A very light golden beer, with an intense aroma and flavour of lemons, grapefruit and lychee 4.0%
White Horse Colt APA Best Bitter A hoppy punchy pale ale using English malt and American hops 4.5%
St Andrews Brewhouse Cork Cutters IPA Best Bitter An easy drinking, moderately hoppy golden ale 4.3%
Mauldons Cuckoo Best Bitter A traditional bitter coloured beer brewed with English hops and malted barley for a full malty taste 4.3%
Three Daggers Dagger's Ale Bitter A bright, golden amber coloured beer with a gentle bitterness 4.1%
Daleside Daleside Blonde Golden A pale golden ale with a predominantly hoppy aroma and taste, leading to a refreshing hoppy, bitter but short finish 3.9%
Cambridge Brew House Dark & Dangerous Old Ale As the name says, this beer is Dark & Dangerous 6.2%
Grafton Dark Lady Porter A dark ale which is brewed with roasted barley then infused with aniseed 5.0%
Milton Dionysus Golden Straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy, with a fine citrus finish 3.6%
Colchester Double Brown Best Bitter Hoppy, golden, light and fruity - IT AIN'T. Dark brown, malty, sweetish and balanced - IT IS! 4.6%
Harwich EPA 100 Golden A golden bitter with citrus & flowery flavour 3.8%
Coach House Farrier's Bitter A smooth tawny coloured beer, slightly sweet on first taste but the rich hop flavours develop in the mouth 3.9%
Brewster's Fellowship of the Spring Golden Light gold in colour, and a great zesty taste! 4.3%
Star Wing Four Acre Arcadia Best Bitter A wonderfully hoppy, crisp ale, not lacking in aroma, taste or drinkability 5.0%
Daleside G&P Golden A gin infused pale ale 4.0%
White Hart Golden Hart Golden An easy drinking golden ale from the White Hart pub, Halstead, which has it's own brewery 4.0%
Boudicca Golden Torc Golden Hoppy golden ale with a base of malt & bitterness & a hint of grapefruit leading to a lasting finish 4.3%
Lincoln Green Goldzinger Golden A great example of a golden style ale 4.5%
Green Jack Gone Fishing Speciality Strong amber, malty and fruity bitter. Traditional in style and very easy to drink for a beer of this strength 5.5%
Reedley Hallows Griffin IPA Best Bitter A classic IPA, as it should be 4.4%
St Andrews Brewhouse Grocers Ghost Bitter No notes available 4.2%
Windsor & Eton Guardsman Bitter A lovely copper coloured session strength ale with a tangy taste, yet a really smooth fresh hop finish 4.2%
Pennine Hair of the Dog Bitter A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertaste 3.9%
White Hart Halstead Bitter Bitter A traditional English style bitter, that is an easy drinking session beer 3.7%
Bridge House Holy Cow Speciality This amber coloured beer has a sweet fruity start and balanced by a warming hoppy finish 5.6%
Lincoln Green Hood Bitter A classic English style bitter, giving a full-rounded bitterness coming from a combination of classic English and Mounthood hops 4.2%
Brewster's Hop a Doodle Doo Bitter This APA has a rich full-bodied feel from the roasted malts finished off with a delicious fruity hop character 4.3%
Colchester Hyperbole Golden Brewed to showcase the wonderful Willamette hop, with a smidge of Bullion and Mount Hood for good measure 4.4%
Reunion Incredible Pale Ale Best Bitter Smooth amber beer with honey sweetness overlaid with a mix of fruits. Earthy hop character is present throughout 5.0%
Other Monkey IPA Speciality A traditional strongish IPA 5.7%
Colchester Jack O The Green Golden Lovely floral hop aroma from the Czech hop Saaz. English malted oats and barley provide a smooth mouthfeel 4.0%
Goffs Jouster Bitter A good honest, traditional, all English Hopped Bitter 4.0%
Colchester Jumbo Stout Big bodied dry stout with complex fruit and roast flavours accompanied by a full and smooth mouthfeel 6.6%
Cambridge Brew House Kings Parade Bitter Malty and biscuity flavours excite the palate while a generous helping of British hops bring a light refreshing bitterness 3.8%
Peerless Knee Buckler IPA Speciality A lovely amber coloured beer, which has a zingy hop finish 5.2%
Windsor & Eton Knight of the Garter Golden Straw coloured golden ale with an initial hit of cut grapefruit zest giving way to a deliciously sharp sherbet finish 4.0%
Old Mill La Bolsa Porter Five different malts blended with la bolsa coffee beans to produce a rich, dark chocolate porter with a smooth coffee aftertaste 4.5%
Franklins Lawless Bitter Juicy and fruity session New England pale. Plenty of big hop aroma, low on bitterness, smooth to drink, great session drink. 3.8%
Shalford Levelly Black Stout A dark heavy well hopped ale with grainy toffee taste topped with a thick creamy head 4.8%
Green Jack Little Green Man Golden A single hopped golden pale ale with plenty of malt to balance the grapefruit and bold citrus flavours from American hops 4.2%
Brentwood Lumberjack Best Bitter Slightly sweet, full bodied bitter is brewed using traditional English Fuggles and EKG hops to give a round, hoppy finish 5.2%
Green Jack Mahseer IPA Speciality An IPA as it was always intended. Strong, bitter and very hoppy!! 5.8%
White Hart Market Hill Mild Mild A great tasting, easy drinking English Mild 3.4%
Grafton Marmalady Golden A deep golden coloured ale brewed with Northdown hops, then marmalade is added! 4.8%
Brentwood Marvellous Maple Mild Mild Popular with all who try it, this delicate dark brown mild has just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish 3.7%
Milton Minerva Golden Golden ale. Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness 4.6%
Great Heck Navigator Bitter Mahogany coloured, clean and dry, not too bitter with a subtle roasted malt flavour balanced by American Cascade & Chinook hops 3.9%
Downton Nelson's Delight Best Bitter A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced brew 4.3%
Cambridge Brew House Night Porter Porter Intense roasted flavours ranging from dark chocolate to black coffee. Deep rich and malty, mildly hopped with a long dry bitter finish 4.5%
Kelham Island Night Shift Coffee Porter Porter Made with a blend of dark malts for hints of toffee and chocolate, and late added ground coffee 4.6%
Milton Nike Best Bitter Ruby Ale. A delicate balance between maltiness and hops makes this dark ruby ale a distinctive and quaffable pint 4.7%
Navigation NZ IPA Best Bitter Fantastic balance of hoppy bitterness and refreshing tropical fruit flavours in the mouth with a long, harmonious finish 5.2%
Bushy’s Old Bushy Tail Best Bitter Slightly sweet and malty on the palate with distinct orangey tones, a full finish which is malty and hoppy with a hint of toffee 4.5%
Nethergate Old Growler Porter A well-balanced porter in which roast grain is complemented by fruit and bubble-gum 5.0%
Colchester Old King Cole Porter Rich dark ale brewed the original way with brown malt. Very drinkable 5.0%
Old Mill Old Mill Mild Mild A satisfying roast malt flavour dominates this easy drinking, quality dark mild 3.4%
Farr Brew Ontario Bitter Bitter 4.2%
Reunion Opening Gambit Bitter A lustrous gold in colour Opening Gambit brings mellow hop flavours, biscuit, husky and peel notes and a full hop and malt aroma 3.8%
Red Fox Orange Infused IPA Speciality An orange infused Belgian-style blonde bierre fermented with our own Red Fox English yeast 6.5%
Farr Brew Our Most Potent Porter Porter A deliciously complex porter with a deep chocolatey nose, and a rich, fruity, perfectly hopped flavour 5.0%
Goose Eye Over & Stout Stout An excessively dark stout, strong in content and strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the dead 5.2%
Mersea Oyster Stout Stout A festival favourite! Dark and delicious, with possible aphrodisiac qualities! 5.0%
Other Monkey Pale Ale Best Bitter The very popular Other Monkeys version of a pale ale 4.5%
Pennine Pennine IPA Best Bitter A crisp golden I.P.A. brewed with a perfect balance of zesty fruits, mild liquorice and black pepper undertones 4.4%
Farr Brew Perfect Pale Golden 4.2%
Pressure Drop Play The Dane NEIPA A NEIPA brewed with Citra and Amarillo hops 6.8%
Boudicca Prasto’s Porter Porter Dark fruit & hops on the nose & hints of roast malt and smoke. Smooth with a dry and very subtle smoky finish with fruit & hop notes 5.2%
Downton Quadhop Bitter A session bitter, pale in colour with four varieties of hops provide a full range of floral and citrus aromas, and a moreish bitterness 3.9%
Coach House Raspberry Blonde Golden A refreshing blonde ale with hints of citrus and grapefruit with an aftertaste of raspberry 4.1%
Star Wing Red at Night Best Bitter A rich red ale with a sweet malt character and fruity aroma, this beer is well-balanced 4.5%
Boudicca Red Queen Best Bitter Red ale with rye. Fruit, berries and hops on the nose, tangy fresh hop and crystal rye notes on the palate. 4.5%
Kelham Island Riders in the storm Golden An amber ale which showcases a fusion of British and American hops that gives a storm of hoppy flavours 4.5%
Tydd Steam Roadhouse Golden Pale golden, heavily hopped "bitter" beer. Intense bitterness and a long pine/citrus finish 4.3%
Tydd Steam Rocket Fuel Best Bitter A traditional pale ale 5.2%
Bushy’s Ruby 1874 Mild Mild An authentic malt brewed mild with a fine aroma of Crystal malt and Fuggles Hops 3.5%
Rudgate Rudgate Ruby Mild Mild Multi award-winning, nutty, deeply rich and satisfying 4.4%
1648 Sacred Solstice Golden Ale Golden Golden spicy ale with a hint of elderflower and ginger aroma 4.3%
Collective Arts Saint of Circumstance Golden An American style blonde ale with lots of Citra hops 4.7%
Brewshed Saturn (IPA) Best Bitter Punchy IPA brewed with Eureka! and Southern Cross hops 5.3%
Navigation Saviour Speciality Brewed with lager malts, well-balanced with full American hop flavours 5.5%
Witham Scruffy Mild Mild A superb traditional dark mild with fruity flavours 3.9%
Pig & Porter Slave to the Money Bitter A modern take on a classic bitter, this beer has a complex malt base & generous additions of Kentish Bramling Cross hops 4.1%
Brewshed Soûlard Saison Speciality A farmhouse style saison 4.5%
Star Wing Stainglass Porter  This dark porter is as complex as it is delicious. With a notable bitterness, and well rounded profile of this full bodied, malty beer. 5.4%
Portobello Star Best Bitter Brewed with Maris Otter, Caramalt & Crystal malts, this is a beautifully balanced beer with hints of berry fruits & roasted coffee 4.3%
Shalford Stonely Bitter Bitter Dark amber beer whose vivid hop character is supported by a juicy, malty body and a dry finish 4.2%
Nethergate Stour Valley Gold Golden A light and refreshing golden ale brewed using fragrant citrus hops 4.2%
Other Monkey Stout Stout No notes available 5.0%
Hopback Summer Lightning Golden A straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. This, coupled with an intense bitterness, leads to an excellent long, dry finish 5.0%
Red Fox Surrex Gold Golden A very light, intensely hoppy beer with a strong aroma of pink grapefruit and peaches 4.1%
Black Iris Brewery Today’s Empire, Tomorrow’s Glasses IPA A heavily hopped IPA. A colaberation Brew with Beatnikz Republic 6.0%
St Andrews Brewhouse Tombland Porter Porter A dark ruby colour, traditional porter that is easy drinking 4.8%
Nethergate Venture Bitter An amber ale that is easy drinking, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits 3.7%
Heritage Victoria Pale Ale Bitter Light but unexpectedly full-flavoured with a rich golden colour and pleasant mellow finish 3.8%
White Horse Village Idiot Golden A light and refreshing beer with a hoppy aroma and light citrus flavours 4.4%
Cloudwater West Coast Pale Ale Pale Ale A clean, dry, lightly resinous easy drinking pale ale 5.0%
Franklins What Mama Don't Know Bitter Always listen to Mother! A traditional yet modern, essentially British with citrus, mango and an earthy pine bitterness to this malty ale 4.1%
Mauldons White Adder Golden Brewed with traditional English hops and East Anglian malted barley 5.3%
Red Fox Wild Fox Bitter A pale crisp beer with a gentle lemony aroma 4.2%
Red Fox Wily Ol' Fox Best Bitter A very aromatic amber traditional IPA made from Boadicea hops and Pale Maris Otter malt 5.2%
Witham Witham Gold Golden A light refreshing golden beer with an after note of citrus 3.8%
Dominion Woodbine Racer Golden A honey gold beer with a mild citrus flavour an aroma of clementine and mandarin 4.3%
Watson's Ygrrfur II:Rasin Hell Speciality A Scotch Ale that is the sequel to last year's popular beer, with a sekrit ingredient 5.6%
Mersea Yo Boy Bitter A session bitter with balanced malt and a long lasting bitterness on the finish 3.8%
Rudgate York Chocolate Stout Stout A deep rich stout with complex balanced flavours and a subtle chocolate finish 5.0%
Ossett Yorkshire Blonde Golden A very pale, full-bodied and well rounded ale, that is slightly sweet on the palate with a good hop aroma 3.9%
Truemans Zephyr Best Bitter Bursting on the nose & palate with ripe melon, apricot & pineapple, with a pithy grapefruit finish balanced with a delicate caramel sweetness 4.4%
Billericay Zeppelin Bitter An easy drinking session ale with slight smoky notes 3.8%
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