Festival Beer List

Not every beer is available at all times. Some beers will already have been drunk and others may not be ready yet. Look for the cask cards which indicate which beers are 'on'.

As well as beer and cider we also have a wide range of Belgian beers, English wines from Mersea Island Vineyard and soft drinks.

Brewer Beer Stylesort descending Description ABV
Green Jack Ripper Barley Wine A multi award winning brew inspired by Belgian tripel ales. Dangerously drinkable! 8.5%
Adnams Tally Ho Barley Wine A dark mahogany red coloured beer with rich, fruity aromas and a warming sweet raisin & biscuit palate 7.2%
Green Jack Worthog Barley Wine This barley wine is a rare find and not for the faint hearted! 11.5%
Humpty Dumpty Christmas Crack Barley Wine A strong dark brown ale with an American hop profile 7.0%
Lacons Audit Barley Wine A dark copper barley wine with berry and spice flavours with a smooth and sweet finish 8.0%
Moonshine Wheat Wine Ale Barley Wine No tasting notes available at time of print 10.2%
Fat Cat Marmalade Cat Best Bitter A classic English Strong Bitter, with Maris Otter Pale malt, Munich-Style malt and classic Goldings hops. Full-flavoured and satisfying, with a burnt citrus finish. 5.5%
Green Jack Trawler Boys Best Bitter A full-bodied, copper coloured bitter, brewed with English whole cone hops 4.6%
Ayr Jolly Beggars Best Bitter Best Bitter A traditional Best Bitter style beer with a malty backbone and the flavours of toffee, fruit and citrus hops. Hopped with German Brewers Gold. 4.2%
Half Moon Experior Best Bitter A premium English ale, with well-balanced malt flavours, fruity from the late addition of Cascade, and a smooth bitter finish. 5.7%
Slater's Premium Best Bitter A rich amber coloured beer with hints of caramel, malt and a complex fruity hop aroma developing a bitter finish 4.4%
Bishop Nick Divine Best Bitter A festival of English flavours featuring spice, nuttiness & caramel, nicely balanced with a mellow hoppiness 5.1%
Piddle Winter's Tail Best Bitter A rich, ruby ale which is a little bit sweet and a whole lot earthier thanks to English Fuggle hops 5.0%
Isle of Avalon Sunrise Best Bitter Hoppy, best bitter 4.3%
Quartz Quartz Heart Bitter A premium bitter with a sweet malty taste and a subtle hint of coffee 4.6%
Mersea Island Yo Boy Bitter A session bitter with balanced malt and a long lasting bitterness on the finish. 3.9%
Milton Dionysus Bitter A straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy with a fine citrus finish 3.6%
Fuzzy Duck Cunning Stunt Bitter Amber coloured single-hop beer brewed with American Willamette hops. The rub of the hops gives an estery/blackcurrant/herbal aroma. 4.3%
Acorn Barnsley Bitter Bitter Brewed using the finest quality Maris Otter malt and English hops. Chestnut in colour, having a well rounded, rich flavour, it retains a lasting bitter finish. 3.8%
Shalford Hyde Bitter Bitter A light amber coloured bitter brewed with Optic malt and Target hops, full bodied with a warm malty undertone 4.7%
Grain Three One Six Bitter Extra pale and dry with a grapefruit hop aroma 3.9%
Adnams Southwold Bitter A copper coloured beer, late hopped with fuggle for a distinctive lingering hoppiness 3.7%
Shalford Six Nations Bitter No tasting notes available at time of print 4.0%
Moorhouses Witches Couldron Bitter No tasting notes available 4.2%
Titanic Steerage Bitter A light, easy drinking bitter 3.8%
Orkney Red MacGregor Bitter Ruby red in colour. Rich hop fruits give way to a clean dry refreshing floral hop bitterness. 4.0%
Half Moon Old Forge Bitter An amber coloured ale with a soft spiced lemon and honeyed flavour. The hop character is well-balanced with a mellow bitter finish. 3.8%
Backyard Brewhouse January S'Ale Bitter Light, vibrant beer. Lager malt and subtle yet complex hops give a balanced mild bitterness 4.2%
Holdens Holdens XB Bitter Golden in colour with a sweet and fruity palate resulting in an uncomplicated bittersweet finish 4.1%
Backyard Brewhouse The Hoard Bitter Golden straw bitter. Light citrus floral aroma. Refreshing crisp dry flavour. SIBA National Award Winner. 3.9%
Piddle Dorset Rogue Bitter A smooth, easy drinking brew 3.9%
Bishop Nick Ridley's Rite Bitter Multi award winner! English Fuggles & Goldings balance crystal & pale ale malts 3.6%
Humpty Dumpty Red Mill Bitter A crisp hoppy red ale with caramel and fruit notes 4.3%
Bishop Nick Vision Bitter A floral amber ale with grapefruit and pine aromas with a long hoppy finish 3.8%
Quartz Quartz Crystal Bitter A malty, lightly hopped, fruity aroma which is full bodied in taste 4.2%
Isle of Avalon Isle Ale Bitter Easy drinking bitter 3.8%
Bowland Pheasant Plucker Bitter Copper coloured bitter with rounded berry flavours 3.7%
Brass Castle Malton Amber Bitter Light amber ale brewed in collaboration with Malton's Woodhams Stone historical society 4.0%
Lymestone Ein Stein Bitter A blonde continental style bitter 5.0%
Dorset Brewing Co. Dorset Knob Bitter Zesty light amber ale with a malty character & a hoppy, floral bouquet 3.9%
Colchester Ambassador Bitter A smooth brown session ale 3.9%
Dorset Brewing Co. Jurassic Golden Crisp, golden ale with hints of apricot. Lasting bitterness with a clea citrus aroma 4.2%
Colchester Metropolis Golden A golden session beer with enormous depth of flavour and a long floral, spicy finish from US cascade hops 3.9%
Red Fox Coggeshall Gold Golden Another award winner! An intense, hoppy beer with a lemon and lychee aroma. Very easy drinking 4.0%
Millstone Tiger Rut Golden A very pale and hoppy ale, brewed with Chinook hops. A mellow bitterness makes way for a distinctive citrus aroma 4.0%
Fat Cat Wild Cat Golden An Extra Pale Ale, which balances Norfolk barley with a blend of hops from Britain, Europe and the Americas. Full-bodied and eminently drinkable 5.0%
Milton Minerva Golden Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness 4.6%
Shalford Levelly Gold Golden A refreshing golden coloured with a pleasant finish, made with First Gold hops. An agreeable alternative to lager! 4.2%
Shortts Farm Blondie Golden A beautifully balanced blonde beer with a refreshing fruity hop and moreish biscuity malt flavours 4.0%
Moorhouses Witchfinder General Golden Full bodied with a strong fruit flavour 4.4%
Ampersand Bidon Golden A session ale brewed to be light, crisp & easy drinking with lots of late Citra and El Dorado hops 3.9%
Neepsend Triton Golden Dry hopped Pale ale with big additions of three of the American ‘C’ hops - citra, cascade and chinook. Expect tropical fruits, pine and citrus 4.5%
Ampersand Pulpit Pale Golden A classic pale ale which isn't overpowered with hops. 5.0%
North Riding Citra Golden Easy drinking premium pale ale with a grapefruit, mango and lemon taste and aroma. 4.5%
North Riding Taiheke Golden Taiheke is the new name for Cascade hops that are grown in New Zealand. Pale, hoppy and citrussy. 4.0%
Ayr Leezie Lundie Pale Ale Golden A pale golden session ale with the flavours of sweet citrus and soft fruits and a floral aroma. Hopped with Slovenian grown Styrian Golding. 3.8%
Shugborough Mi'Lady's Fancy Golden Delicately hopped yet full bodied 4.6%
Slater's 1Hop Blonde Ale Golden An award winning blonde beer with an initial burst of bitterness followed by a citrus finish 4.0%
Backyard Brewhouse Project Snowball Golden Lots of orange and lemon character with a balanced candied peel, sweet yet refreshing palette. Background notes of green tea and melon. 4.9%
Bad Seed Beta Function Golden South Pacific Pale. A refreshing, hoppy Pale Ale, heaps of Topaz, Motueka and Waimea deliver flavours and aromas of peach, passionfruit and fresh citrus. 4.0%
Son of Sid Golden Shower Golden A full bodied golden beer with a light hop character and a defined maltiness 4.1%
Bad Seed Flare Star Golden Comet Pale. This beer is light golden in colour and packed full of US Comet hops which gives it a big hit of citrus and grapefruit. 4.2%
Humpty Dumpty Swallowtail Golden A refreshing pale amber thirst quenching ale with a lively hop finish 4.0%
Bowland Bowland Gold Golden Hoppy golden bitter filled with grapefruit flavours & aromas 3.8%
Bowland Hen Harrier Golden Citrus & peach flavours are intertwined in this golden ale 4.0%
Kirkby Lonsdale Monumental Golden A golden ale brewed with extra pale malt, blended with English & Slovenian Golding hops for a distinct floral aroma & mouth feel 4.5%
Leigh on Sea Kursaal Gold Golden An English style golden ale much more lightly hopped than Legra but still with a decent dash of Cascade hops for a citrus finish 3.9%
Colchester Brass Monkey Golden Light & refreshing golden ale, brewed using Tettnang hops 4.0%
Leigh on Sea Legra Golden A light, fresh, single hopped, sessionable golden ale 3.8%
Neepsend Ancillary On Sales Golden Simcoe and Citra RyePA brewed with the Walkely Beer Co. Dry with dominant citrus and pine and a hint of rye spice. 5.2%
Abbeydale Reveller India Pale Ale Latest in our Beer Heads series with a trio of big US hops (Cascade, Summit and Simcoe) for punchy fruity bite and citrus bitterness. 3.9%
Fat Cat Tom Cat India Pale Ale A session IPA showcasing the tropical flavours of the mosaic hop delivering bold and fruity flavours. A hoppy thirst quencher. 4.1%
Grain Black Spruce India Pale Ale A black beer which is light on the palate with subtle malt flavours. A well rounded and easy drinker 4.7%
Moonshine Regenerator India Pale Ale A light coloured hoppy beer, made with German malts and 5 different hops to give it a distinctive, moreish flavour 4.2%
Other Monkeys Swallow the Universe India Pale Ale Smoothly strikes the balance between malt and citrus with a great creamy texture, finishing with a bitter hoppy punch 5.7%
Prospect Whatever India Pale Ale A pale, straw coloured ale blended with 4 different hop varieties 3.8%
Red Fox Ruby Red Mild Mild A multi-award winning beer with low hoppiness and malt supplemented by rich caramel flavours to give a rich, red mild. 6.9%
Moorhouses Black Cat Mild A dark ruby coloured mild with a distinct chocolate malt taste and a hop fruit finish 3.4%
Shortts Farm Two Tone Mild A satisfying dark mild with dark chocolate and sweet biscuity malt flavours 3.8%
Half Moon Dark Masquerade Mild A rich ruby/brown ale which is packed with dark chocolate and liquorice flavours. Warm, smokey and intriguing. 3.6%
Holdens Black Country Mild Mild An easy drinking traditional black country mild. It's a bold chestnut-red mild with nutty biscuit notes with a hint of chocolate 3.7%
Phoenix Monkeytown Mild Mild A traditional creamy dark mild 3.9%
Son of Sid Muck Cart Mild Mild Roasted malt and coffee flavours with a chocolate aroma leading to a dry finish 3.5%
Three B's Stokers Slake Mild Mild A traditional dark mild with roast malt aromas and creamy chocolate note 3.6%
Prospect Nutty Slack Mild A multi-award winning ebony dark mild with a smooth, smokey malty taste 3.9%
Isle of Avalon Jake's Mild Mild Traditional mild named after a rescue dog 4.0%
Kirkby Lonsdale Crafty Mild Mild A modern incarnation of the traditional mild, brewed with rich, dark malts and delicately hopped for a very moorish beer 3.6%
Brass Castle Hazelnut Mild Mild A luscious 5-malt nut brown mild with a delicate hazelnut aroma overlaying coffee notes. 4.4%
Watson's Old Ale Old Ale Rich and full bodied old ale. 4.8%
Shortts Farm Oud Bruin Old Ale A Christmas old ale. A collaboration with Old Chimneys brewery which is warming, dark and malty 5.2%
Jack Rabbit College Hop Out Pale Ale No tasting notes available 4.0%
Red Fox Black Fox Porter Porter A Champion beer! Very malty with smooth chocolate notes and hints of liquorice 4.8%
Red Fox Figgy Pudding Porter Porter A velvety rich dark chocolate porter infused with figs and raisins 4.7%
Fuzzy Duck Rum Porter Porter A dark porter with coffee and chocolate notes plus a hint of rum 4.0%
Ayr Rabbies Porter Porter A robust and full bodied Porter style beer with a rich flavor of dark treacle and fruits and a slightly smoky edge. Hopped with UK Challenger and Progress. 4.3%
Half Moon Port Out Porter A classic English porter, dark in colour and soft on the palate. 4.6%
Son of Sid Brewhouse Blues Porter A chocolate porter 6.0%
Phoenix Black Bee Porter Porter A dark rich traditional porter with the addition of honey giving a pleasant hint of sweetness in the finish 4.5%
Hophurst Porteresque Porter A sweet milkshake porter 5.5%
Three B's Knocker Up Porter A beer with exotic ebony texture and deep, rich taste of roast barley and chocolate malt 4.8%
Colchester Brazilian Porter Multi award winner! Coffee & Vanilla porter - not at all shy on flavour, but beautifully balanced 6.0%
Colchester Old King Coel Porter Rich dark ale brewed the original way with brown malt 5.0%
Elephant School Key Lime Pie Milkshake IPA Speciality No tasting notes available 4.5%
Abbeydale Wanderer Speciality Kaffir lime & lemongrass saison. 5.5%
Elephant School Lemon Cheesecake MS IPA Speciality No tasting notes available 4.5%
Elephant School Milkshake IPA Speciality No tasting notes available 4.5%
Elephant School Strawberry & Cream Milkshake IPA Speciality No tasting notes available 4.5%
Elephant School Banana Wheat Beer Speciality No tasting notes available 3.6%
Blue Bee Mango & Passion Speciality Hazy pale ale brewed with equal quantities of passion fruit & mango along with oats, citra & Ekuanot hops. A truly tropical tasting pale ale 5.0%
Millstone Stout Stout Traditional dry stout with a smooth bitterness provided by English Phoenix hops 4.5%
Fuzzy Duck Mucky Duck Stout Dark stout, slightly sweet with chocolate and coffee notes from the roasted malt 4.0%
Acorn Gorlovka Stout A deep malt and hoppy aroma with liquorice throughout. Roast malt, fruit and hops also carry through this full bodied stout. 6.0%
Milton Nero Stout A black brew with a good balance of malt, roast and fruit 5.0%
Jack Rabbit Down The Rabbit Hole Stout Vanilla and oatmeal Stout 4.8%
Red Fox Spiced Sloe Stout Stout A full bodied stout, flavoured with mixed spices and sloes grown locally. A very bitter beer with flavours of cinnamon and ginger 5.5%
Other Monkeys Dreaming of Evil Stout A light and smooth stout with strong coffee flavours followed by hints of vanilla 5.2%
Other Monkeys Shadow so Huge Stout Roasted malt and coffee on the palate with a lingering bitter finish 5.2%
Hophurst Debonair Stout Stout A robust stout with flavours of roasted coffee and liquorice with a pleasant bitter aftertaste 4.9%
Watson's Feersum Kitty Stout Orange peel and marmalade in a purrfect brew. 5.4%
Blue Bee Stout n About Stout Creamy with prominent cocoa and orange with a dry finish. 5.7%
Kirkby Lonsdale Jubilee Stout Stout A powerful smooth stout brewed with chocolate and black malts, and just a hint of roasted barley 5.5%
Mersea Island Oyster Stout Stout Dark and delicious, with possible aphrodisiac qualities! 5.0%
Orkney Skullsplitter Strong Bitter Named after Thorfin Hausakliuuf, 7th earl of Orkney. A reddish coloured ale which is deceptively light and dangerously drinkable 8.5%
Phoenix Wobbly Bob Strong Bitter A red/brown beer with a malty, fruit aroma 6.0%
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