Choco-Orange Mild16483.6%This new beer from 1648 combines citrus flavours into a dark beer leaving a light smooth chocolate taste in the mouthMild
Golden TorcBoudicca4.3%Hoppy golden ale with a base of malt & bitterness & a hint of grapefruit leading to a lasting finishGolden
Red QueenBoudicca4.5%Red ale with rye. Fruit, berries and hops on the nose, tangy fresh hop and crystal rye notes on the palate.Best Bitter
Prasto’s PorterBoudicca5.2%Dark fruit & hops on the nose & hints of roast malt and smoke. Smooth with a dry and very subtle smoky finish with fruit & hop notesPorter
LumberjackBrentwood5.2%Slightly sweet, full bodied bitter is brewed using traditional English Fuggles and EKG hops to give a round, hoppy finishBest Bitter
Soûlard SaisonBrewshed4.5%A farmhouse style saisonSpeciality
Saturn (IPA)Brewshed5.3%Punchy IPA brewed with Eureka! and Southern Cross hopsBest Bitter
Holy CowBridge House5.6%This amber coloured beer has a sweet fruity start and balanced by a warming hoppy finishSpeciality
Old Bushy TailBushy’s4.5%Slightly sweet and malty on the palate with distinct orangey tones, a full finish which is malty and hoppy with a hint of toffeeBest Bitter
Farrier's Coach House3.9%A smooth tawny coloured beer, slightly sweet on first taste but the rich hop flavours develop in the mouthBitter
Double BrownColchester4.6%Hoppy, golden, light and fruity - IT AIN'T. Dark brown, malty, sweetish and balanced - IT IS!Best Bitter
Jack O The GreenColchester4.0%Lovely floral hop aroma from the Czech hop Saaz. English malted oats and barley provide a smooth mouthfeelGolden
HyperboleColchester4.4%Brewed to showcase the wonderful Willamette hop, with a smidge of Bullion and Mount Hood for good measureGolden
Saint of CircumstanceCollective Arts4.7%An American style blonde ale with lots of Citra hopsGolden
Nelson's DelightDownton4.3%A well hopped, yet mellow amber bitter. The subtle aroma and flavour of dark rum adds sweetness to this well balanced brewBest Bitter
LawlessFranklins3.8%Juicy and fruity session New England pale. Plenty of big hop aroma, low on bitterness, smooth to drink, great session drink.Bitter
JousterGoffs4.0%A good honest, traditional, all English Hopped BitterBitter
Over & StoutGoose Eye5.2%An excessively dark stout, strong in content and strong in flavour. With the smoothness of a dark mild but the strength to wake the deadStout
Mahseer IPAGreen Jack5.8%An IPA as it was always intended. Strong, bitter and very hoppy!!Speciality
BrusselsHarwich3.8%Amber in colour traditional English bitterBitter
EPA 100Harwich3.8%A golden bitter with citrus & flowery flavourGolden
Charington Oatmeal StoutHeritage4.0%A well-balanced nutty flavour with a slight bitterness and a hint of treacle. Surprisingly full-bodiedStout
Night Shift Coffee PorterKelham Island4.6%Made with a blend of dark malts for hints of toffee and chocolate, and late added ground coffeePorter
ArcherLincoln Green4.0%Blonde and packed with three of the biggest hitting USA hops, this one punches above it's ABV with a surprising amount of bodyBitter
CuckooMauldons4.3%A traditional bitter coloured beer brewed with English hops and malted barley for a full malty tasteBest Bitter
Oyster StoutMersea5.0%A festival favourite! Dark and delicious, with possible aphrodisiac qualities!Stout
BlondeNavigation5.0%This smooth drinker has a yeasty, almost sour note – reminiscent of a Belgian-style golden aleGolden
SaviourNavigation5.5%Brewed with lager malts, well-balanced with full American hop flavoursSpeciality
Old GrowlerNethergate5.0%A well-balanced porter in which roast grain is complemented by fruit and bubble-gumPorter
VentureNethergate3.7%An amber ale that is easy drinking, with hints of citrus and tropical fruitsBitter
La BolsaOld Mill4.5%Five different malts blended with la bolsa coffee beans to produce a rich, dark chocolate porter with a smooth coffee aftertastePorter
StoutOther Monkey5.0%No notes availableStout
Knee Buckler IPAPeerless5.2%A lovely amber coloured beer, which has a zingy hop finishSpeciality
Hair of the DogPennine3.9%A bright sparkling blonde with a delicate roasted caramel flavour and a smooth sweet refreshing aftertasteBitter
Slave to the MoneyPig & Porter4.1%A modern take on a classic bitter, this beer has a complex malt base & generous additions of Kentish Bramling Cross hopsBitter
StarPortobello4.3%Brewed with Maris Otter, Caramalt & Crystal malts, this is a beautifully balanced beer with hints of berry fruits & roasted coffeeBest Bitter
American Pale AlePortobello5.0%A fruity clean & refreshing beer with citrusy notes of orange and pink grapefruitBest Bitter
Wily Ol' FoxRed Fox5.2%A very aromatic amber traditional IPA made from Boadicea hops and Pale Maris Otter maltBest Bitter
Coggeshall GoldRed Fox4.0%A very light golden beer, with an intense aroma and flavour of lemons, grapefruit and lycheeGolden
Wild FoxRed Fox4.2%A pale crisp beer with a gentle lemony aromaBitter
Opening Gambit Reunion3.8%A lustrous gold in colour Opening Gambit brings mellow hop flavours, biscuit, husky and peel notes and a full hop and malt aromaBitter
Braintree Market AleShalford4.0%A traditional easy drinking session beer with a hoppy, lingering, dry bitter finishBitter
Levelly BlackShalford4.8%A dark heavy well hopped ale with grainy toffee taste topped with a thick creamy headStout
Red at NightStar Wing4.5%A rich red ale with a sweet malt character and fruity aroma, this beer is well-balancedBest Bitter
StainglassStar Wing5.4% This dark porter is as complex as it is delicious. With a notable bitterness, and well rounded profile of this full bodied, malty beer.Porter
ZephyrTruemans4.4%Bursting on the nose & palate with ripe melon, apricot & pineapple, with a pithy grapefruit finish balanced with a delicate caramel sweetnessBest Bitter
Bow BellsTrumans4.2%This beer is infused with orange and lemon zest as well as orange blossom to give a boost to the crushable citrus juicinessGolden
RoadhouseTydd Steam4.3%Pale golden, heavily hopped "bitter" beer. Intense bitterness and a long pine/citrus finishGolden
Rocket FuelTydd Steam5.2%A traditional pale aleBest Bitter
Market Hill MildWhite Hart3.4%A great tasting, easy drinking English MildMild
GuardsmanWindsor & Eton4.2%A lovely copper coloured session strength ale with a tangy taste, yet a really smooth fresh hop finishBitter