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Key: Open, serves real ale, is in Colchester Real Ale Pub Guide | Open, serves real ale
Open, no real ale | Closed.

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Pub Name Images Location Tagged with...
Drury Arms
1 Layer Road
CO2 7HN Colchester
156 High Street
CO1 1PG Colchester
Local Guide, Evening Meals, TV, Colchester
East Gate Inn
6 Harwich Road
CO4 3BN Colchester
Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, TV, Colchester
Eight Bells
6 Colchester Road
CO8 5AE Bures Hamlet
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Quiet, Bures Hamlet
Essex Arms
Trinity Street
CO9 1JQ Halstead
Fat Cat
65 Butt Road
CO3 3BZ Colchester
Local Guide, Garden, Patio, Evening Meals, Dogs, TV, Colchester
Five Bells
Mill Lane
CO6 2HY Colne Engaine
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Quiet, Real Fire, Dogs, Colne Engaine
Flag Inn
Colchester Road
CO7 9HS Wivenhoe
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Games, Wivenhoe
Fleece Inn
27 West Street
CO6 1NS Coggeshall
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Games, Coggeshall
Foresters Arms
1-2 Castle Road
CO1 1UW Colchester
Patio, Evening Meals, Dogs, LocAle, Colchester
Foundry Arms
83 Artillery Street
CO1 2JQ Colchester
Garden, Patio, Games, TV, Colchester
Fox & Fiddler
1 St Johns Street
CO2 7AA Colchester
Garden, LocAle, Games, TV, Colchester
Fox Inn
106 East Road
CO5 8SA West Mersea
CarPark, Garden, Patio, Evening Meals, Function Room, Games, TV, West Mersea
Freemasons Arms
Church Street
CO5 7EX Rowhedge
St Christophers Road
CO4 0NE Colchester
Garden, Games, TV, Colchester
George Hotel
116 High Street
CO1 1TD Colchester
Local Guide, Garden, Evening Meals, LocAle, Accommodation, Colchester
Goat & Boot
70 East Hill
CO1 2QW Colchester
Garden, Evening Meals, Games, TV, Colchester
87 Mersea Road
CO2 7RB Colchester
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Function Room, Dogs, Games, TV, Colchester
33 Osborne Street
CO2 7DA Colchester
62 High Street
CO7 9AZ Wivenhoe
Garden, Real Fire, Function Room, Games, Wivenhoe