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Key: Open, serves real ale, is in Colchester Real Ale Pub Guide | Open, serves real ale
Open, no real ale | Closed.

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Pub Name Images Location Tagged with...
The Waiting Room
The Old Bus Station, off Queen Street
CO1 2PH Colchester
CarPark, Evening Meals, Function Room, Dogs, Colchester
Three Horseshoes
Church Road
CO6 3NJ Fordham
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Quiet, Real Fire, Dogs, LocAle, Fordham
Three Pigeons
6 Mount Hill
CO9 1AA Halstead
CarPark, Garden, Quiet, Dogs, LocAle, Games, TV, Halstead
Three Wise Monkeys
Three Wise Monkeys
60 High Street
CO1 1DN Colchester
Garden, Evening Meals, Function Room, Colchester
Top Bar At Essex University
Wivenhoe Park
CO4 3SQ Colchester
TP's Sports Bar
35 Queen Street
CO1 2PQ Colchester
Treble Tile
Colchester Road
CO6 3JQ West Bergholt
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, West Bergholt
22 Middleborough
CO1 1QX Colchester
Local Guide, Patio, Evening Meals, Colchester
Twisters Bar
45 North Hill
CO1 1PY Colchester
Garden, Colchester
Victoria Inn
10 North Station Road
CO1 1RB Colchester
Garden, Patio, Function Room, Dogs, LocAle, Games, Colchester
92 Coast Road
CO5 8LS West Mersea
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, Accommodation, West Mersea
29-39 Head Street
CO1 1NH Colchester
Evening Meals, TV, Colchester
Whalebone Inn
Chapel Road
CO5 7BG Fingringhoe
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, Dogs, Rural, Fingringhoe
White Hart
342 London Road
CO3 8LT Stanway
CarPark, Evening Meals, Stanway
White Hart
Nayland Road
CO6 3DD West Bergholt
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, West Bergholt
White Hart
1 High Street
CO5 8QD West Mersea
Games, West Mersea
White Hart Hotel
Market End
CO6 1NH Coggeshall
CarPark, Garden, Patio, Evening Meals, Coggeshall
White Hart Inn
15 High Street
CO9 2AA Halstead
CarPark, Garden, Evening Meals, Real Fire, Dogs, LocAle, Accommodation, Halstead
Woodman Inn
Colchester Road
CO9 2DY Halstead
CarPark, Garden, Patio, Halstead