Festival Beer List

Not every beer is available at all times. Some beers will already have been drunk and others may not be ready yet. Look for the cask cards which indicate which beers are 'on'.

As well as beer and cider we also have a wide range of Belgian beers, English wines from Mersea Island Vineyard and soft drinks.

Brewersort descending Beer Style Description ABV
3 Brewers Classic English Ale Golden A deep amber, supremely clean, smooth and refreshing ale 4.0%
3 Brewers Golden English Ale Golden Brewed using Cascade hops, coupled with Cara malt giving a light golden colour and a hint of sweetness 3.8%
3 Brewers Special English Ale Best Bitter A robust and full bodied Premium ale 4.8%
Abbeydale Arson Golden Fruity aromas with hints of biscuit and caramel complemented by a bitter orange finish 4.4%
Abbeydale Black Mass Stout A very dark ruby ale using 6 different malts and generous amounts of hops 6.7%
Abbeydale Daily Bread Best Bitter A classic English bitter 3.8%
Alnwick Alnwick gold Golden A clean refreshing ale 4.2%
Alnwick Holy Island Hotspur India Pale Ale A session IPA 4.4%
Alnwick Ruby Bitter A ruby red ale 4.0%
Bank Top Dark Mild Mild A full bodied dark mild with a malt and roast aroma 4.0%
Bank Top Draymans Draught Golden American hopped pale ale, strong citrus flavour with a bitter hoppy aftertaste 3.6%
Bank Top Pavilion Pale Ale Golden A pale ale with a big fruity flavour, peppery hoppiness and a dry, bitter finish 4.5%
Black Storm Tropical Storm Golden Award winning pale ale is hopped with 4 American varieties. A fruity, tropical nose and taste 4.2%
Black Storm All Eyes on Bru Golden Hazy Pale, full of exciting fruity flavors using the Bru-1 and Sabro Hops to create a coconut, pineapple and pina-colada style beer 4.8%
Black Storm Lost My Quays Golden A light, refreshing golden session ale 3.5%
Bradfield Farmers Bitter Ale Bitter Traditional style bitter with toffee notes, hint of caramel and a decent bitter finish 3.9%
Bradfield Farmers Blonde Golden This is an extremely refreshing and easy drinking ale 4.0%
Bradfield Farmers Stout Stout A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout balanced by roasted malts and flaked oats 4.5%
Brentwood Hope & Glory Bitter Full bodied, red premium bitter 4.5%
Brentwood Lumberjack Best Bitter A strong, slightly sweet and full bodied bitter 5.2%
Brentwood Marvellous Maple Mild Mild A delicate, dark brown mild with just a hint of maple syrup coming through in the finish 3.7%
Briarbank Briar Bitter Bitter An easy drinking session beer 3.7%
Briarbank Cob Nut Bitter Full bodied, sweet finish with a subtle use of English bittering hops 4.2%
Briarbank Perpendicular Golden A brilliantly golden yellow ale packed with Cascade hops for a floral and citrus flavour 4.4%
Bruha Session IPA India Pale Ale A session strength pale ale using East Anglian malted barley combined with Citra and Centennial hops 3.9%
Buntingford Hurricane Bitter A fine copper bitter with a malty toffee character and a pleasant refreshing fruity bitterness 4.0%
Buntingford Polar Star Golden A heavily-hopped pale blonde ale with a truly refreshing citrus-hop kick and stellar finish 4.4%
Buntingford Twitchell Bitter An easy drinking golden fruity bitter with a floral aroma and superbly balanced aftertaste 3.8%
Capsoff Milk Stout Stout Smooth roasted darkness of 8 malts with a subtle spicy bitterness 5.3%
Capsoff Pale Ale Golden Traditional pale ale gives a light but full bodied feel to this hoppy session ale 4.3%
Capsoff IPA India Pale Ale A distinct bitterness with added wheat for a light, full bodied base 5.0%
Cliff Quay Black Jack Porter An aniseed Porter which is warming and complex 4.2%
Cliff Quay Tolly Roger Golden An easy drinking fresh and fruity bitter with a deep golden colour 4.2%
Cliff Quay Tumble Home Bitter Deep ruby in colour with a gentle warming fruity aroma with a hint of hoppy floral character 4.7%
Coach House Cheshire Gold Golden A golden coloured beer with a fresh citrus hop aroma 4.1%
Coach House Farrier's Best Bitter Best Bitter A golden amber coloured beer with a slight sweet aroma and rich Admiral hop flavours that develop to a dry finish 3.9%
Coach House Gunpowder Mild Mild A very dark mild with a full liquorice and treacle flavour and a slightly bitter aftertaste 3.8%
Colchester Brazilian Porter Multi-award winning coffee and vanilla porter 4.6%
Colchester 16/884 Porter A strong, smooth, rich and full bodied porter 6.0%
Colchester Anne Downes Bitter Named in honour of a local Brewster from 1890. Extra special bitter, full and fruity 4.4%
Colchester Pogonophobia India Pale Ale Very pale ale packed with the full flavours of four US hops 4.5%
Elgoods Black Dog Mild A traditional dark mild 3.6%
Elgoods Cambridge Gold Golden Non-complex, malty and lightly tasting citrus beer 3.9%
George Samuel Brake Van Bitter Dark brown ale with British Maris Otter, Crystal and Carafa malts. (V) 4.6%
George Samuel Firebox Bitter Amber ale brewed with British Maris Otter, Munich and Rye malts. (V) 4.5%
Goose Eye Black Moor Mild Mild A moreish dark mild which is full of character 3.9%
Goose Eye Chinook Blonde Golden Bursting at the seams with American Chinook hops which provide one of the most distinctive and captivating tastes you might ever try! 4.2%
Goose Eye Goose Eye Bitter Bitter A traditional session ale with a chestnut hue which is pleasing to the palette 3.9%
Hadham Oddy Golden Rounded citrus aroma with splashes of fruitiness and a beautifully smooth bitterness 3.9%
Hadham Amber Golden Bright honey-amber in colour, fruity, malt caramel and biscuity flavours lead to a bitter finish 4.1%
Harwich Stone Pier Best Bitter Amber coloured ale beautifully balanced and brewed with only Willamette hops for a spicy finish 4.3%
Harwich Imperial Redoubt Stout Stout Date and molasses are prevalent in this fruity stout with a delicious chocolate undercurrent 8.0%
Hops & Dots Do you want to buy a Speedboat? Golden A hazy west coast pale ale, packed full of hops and oats 3.9%
Hops & Dots Festival Stout 1 Stout Collaboration with Horsforth Brewery. A very aromatic stout. Expect a fruity hit with mellow dark chocolate notes 5.0%
Hops & Dots Kanye Best Best Bitter A traditional bitter 5.0%
JW Lees Lees Bitter Bitter Made using ale and crystal malt and Golding hops giving a satisfying flavour and citrus aftertaste 4.0%
JW Lees Lees Dark Mild Smooth, well-rounded in character, sweet undertones and a full malty aftertaste 3.5%
JW Lees Lees Stout Stout A dark and brooding ale 4.2%
Kirkby Lonsdale Crafty Mild Mild A modern incarnation of the traditional mild 3.6%
Kirkby Lonsdale Ruskin's Bitter Best Bitter Brewed using Maris Otter malted barley and complemented with Magnum and Brewers Gold hops 3.9%
Kirkby Lonsdale Tiffin Gold Golden A light bodied ale that has an intense fruity nose with grapefruit coming through to a crisp, dry and lingering bitter finish. 3.6%
Mersea Island Brewery Gold Golden A light lager style ale made to achieve a sweet and refreshing flavour 4.4%
Mersea Island Brewery Island Mud Mild A smooth and dark traditional mild 3.7%
Mersea Island Brewery Skippers Best Bitter A dark amber coloured best bitter made using Cara and roasted malts 4.8%
Mersea Island Brewery Oyster Stout Stout Three dozen freshly shucked oysters are added to this ale to create a rich flavour 5.0%
Mersea Island Brewery Yo Boy Bitter A session bitter with Cara malt for a smooth flavour and cascade hops for bitterness 3.8%
Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew Bitter A bold, malty amber beer with spice fruit notes and a crisp fruity aftertaste 5.1%
Moorhouses Straw Dog Golden A refreshing clean tasting golden ale with aromas of citrus fruits and grapefruit with a smooth malt balance 4.2%
Moorhouses White Witch Golden A light, refreshing and easy drinking blonde ale with a grapefruit aroma and fresh citrus taste 3.9%
Peerless Langton Spin Golden Bitter Golden A well balanced, dry hopped, golden ale. Initially bitter with a crisp dry finish 4.4%
Peerless Oatmeal Stout Stout A full bodied black stout 5.0%
Peerless Triple Blond Golden Blond in style with a fruity finish 4.0%
Redemption Fellowship Porter Porter Dark brown, almost black, in colour. Reminiscent of Porters of old 5.1%
Redemption Hopspur Amber Ale Bitter Caramel, toffee, honey and hazelnut combined with a malty backbone make this an incredibly well balanced amber ale 4.5%
Redemption Urban Dusk Bitter Bitter A dark and moreish premium bitter 4.6%
Reedley Hallows Nook of Pendle Golden Amber in colour, medium bodied; a smooth and warming tipple 5.0%
Reedley Hallows Old Laund Bitter Bitter A good session beer, smooth and creamy with a distinctive hoppy aftertaste 3.8%
Reedley Hallows Pendleside Golden A very light coloured ale with hints of tropical fruits and a spicy aftertaste 4.0%
Settle Ernie's Milk Stout Stout Rich and malty. Bold notes of coffee, dark chocolate combine with a big hit of lactose for a milky sweetness 4.5%
Settle Main Line Bitter Bitter A proper bitter, full of flavour balanced with a hint of fruity sweetness 3.8%
Settle Settle Blonde Golden Pale, straw coloured session blonde ale full of flavour and a balanced hoppy finish 3.6%
Shalford Hyde Bitter Bitter A light amber coloured bitter 4.7%
Shalford Jubilee Beacon Golden No tasting notes available 4.0%
Shalford Rotten End Bitter Traditionally coloured and strong 6.5%
Three Peaks Ingleborough Gold Golden Hoppy throughout with a fruity aroma 4.0%
Three Peaks Pen y Ghent Bitter Bitter A traditional session bitter with a wonderful balance of hops and malt 3.8%
Three Peaks Whernside Pale Ale Golden Classic easy drinking pale ale 4.2%
Tydd Steam Platinum Reign Golden No tasting notes available 5.0%
Tydd Steam Scoundrel Bitter Easy drinking amber session bitter 4.2%
Tydd Steam Top Cat Golden A session ale with a good bitter edge 4.2%
Watson's Apna Wood India Pale Ale Session IPA with bags of Citra and Cascade hops 4.2%
Watson's XEROPHUX Stout Dangerously drinkable strong stout 7.4%
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