Festival Cider List

Important Note: Real cider varies from year to year according to temperature, length of growing season, etc. Please refer to cask cards for tasting notes, degree of dryness, etc, which will be added once our Cider Manager has tasted the lot!!!

Not every cider is available all the time, some may have already been drunk. Look for the cask cards which indicate which ciders and perrys are 'on'.

Makersort descending ABV
Traditional Ampleforth Abbey , Ampleforth, North Yorkshire 6.5%
Sweet Bad Boy Cider , Pipewell, Northamptonshire 6.0%
Oak Cask Barbourne , Worcester, Worcestershire 7.4%
Painted Lady Perry Barbourne , Worcester, Worcestershire 5.0%
Pheonix Berties , Braintree, Essex 6.5%
Pearf-Hic Perry Berties , Braintree, Essex 6.5%
Essex Gold 9K Big Bear , Stisted, Essex 5.6%
Badgers Spit Chant , Midsomer Norton, Somerset 7.5%
Singing Cider Chant , Midsomer Norton, Somerset 7.5%
Monkey Mango Cockeyed Cider , Cullompton, Devon 4.0%
Strawberry Blonde Cockeyed Cider , Cullompton, Devon 4.0%
User Friendly Crone's , Kenninghall, Norfolk 6.8%
Damson Dorset Nectar , Waytown, Dorset 4.0%
Michelin (SV) Dorset Star , Chalmington, Dorset 5.0%
Jonagold (SV) Downham , Downham Market, Norfolk 6.0%
Weasel's Wevenge Ermine's Treat , Arington, Cambridgshire 5.8%
Vintage Cider Garden Cider , Chiddingfold, Surrey 5.0%
Raspberry & Rhubarb Garden Cider , Chiddingfold, Surrey 4.0%
Giggler Orchard Giggler , Bramfield, Suffolk 6.7%
No Bull Gwatkin , Abbey Dore, Herefordshire 4.5%
Yarlington Mill (SV) Gwatkin , Abbey Dore, Herefordshire 7.0%
Farm Cider Harrow Wood , Bransgore, Hampshire 6.0%
Blakney Red Perry (SV) Hecks , Long Sutton, Somerset 6.5%
Pixie Juice (Blackcurrent) Hunts , Stoke Gabriel, Devon 3.8%
Dragonfly Meon Valley , Droxford, Hampshire 6.0%
Traditional Farmhouse My 'n 'ers , Hordle, Hampshire 6.5%
Vintage Cider Napton , Napton, Warwickshire
Winnals Longdon Perry Newton Court , Newton, Herefordshire 5.3%
Firestarter Press Head , Slaughterford, Wiltshire 6.2%
Wonky Wild Hill Richards , Essendon, Hertfordshire 6.5%
Setbroard Farm S. O. , Histon, Cambridgshire 6.5%
Brown Snout (SV) Severn Cider , Newnham, Goucestershire 5.0%
Rum Cask Tutts Clump , Bradfield, Berkshire 4.0%
Sweet Maid of Devon Ventons , Clyst St.Lawrence, Devon 6.0%
Janets Jungle Juice West Croft , Brent Knoll, Somerset 6.0%
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