Des de Moor Cask Beer Tasting & Talk @ Victoria Inn

Thursday, December 7, 2023 - 7:00pm

Des de Moor, author of groundbreaking cask beer book, hosts an event at The Victoria Inn


Award-winning beer writer and renowned tasting host Des de Moor will be visiting The Victoria Inn on Thursday 7th December for an exclusive tutored tasting, talk and signing to celebrate the publication of his groundbreaking new book, Cask: The real story of Britain’s unique beer culture.


Join Des and Richard of The Victoria Inn to explore cask beer,

the unique format of live draught beer that, at its best and freshest, delivers a subtlety and complexity of flavour in session beers of modest strength unmatchable in any other way. We’ll be tasting and comparing a range of different beers in a relaxed and informal setting, while Des shares some of the little-known history of cask, explains what makes it so special and speculates on its future.


And, of course, you’ll be able to buy your own signed copy of the book itself, published in August 2023.


Rarely found in the beer world at large, cask retains a significant commercial presence only in the UK, where it famously survived efforts by big brewery groups to phase it out in the 1960s and 1970s, provoking a vociferous consumer campaign. Though in its home country it’s once again struggling to retain its profile amid a new wave of characterful, quality craft beers in keg, bottle and can, many brewers and drinkers remain fascinated with cask. This timely book, the first of its kind, presents cask in detail to a new generation of drinkers.


Tickets £10, available from The Victoria Inn from 1st November & only 15 available.


You can read more about the book at