How are Good Beer Guide pubs chosen?

How does Colchester CAMRA choose pubs for the Good Beer Guide? As a branch we're allocated just 18 entries in the Guide We have to select these 18 from over 140 pubs in our branch area. Pubs in the Good Beer Guide arechosen by CAMRA Members. Pubs can't buy their entry. Unlike some other guides. We choose to divide the 18 places between 9 Rural pubs and 9 Colchester Town pubs. This is how the 18 are chosen: Award Winners The 6 pubs which are awarded Pub of the Year, Runner Up or Highly Commended in Town and Rural categories qualify.   These titles are awarded on the results of member's votes.  Best Beer Scores The 3 rural and 3 town pubs with the best average beer scores over the past year qualify. Any CAMRA member can   contribute a beer score.  A pub must be scored by at least 10 different members to qualify for the Guide in this   way. Member's Ballot The remaining 3 rural and 3 town entries are filled by a ballot at the Branch Selection Meeting. Any member who   attends the meeting can vote.

Additional criteria to be considered for entry into the GBG:

  • Pubs must have had the same Landlord/lady for the previous 6 months prior to selection period (Feb/Mar) to ensure confidence in continued beer quality.
  • If a change of landlord/lady is expected to take place in the 6 months after the selection period this may exclude a pub being selected.
  • New pubs or pubs re-opening after a long period of closure must have been open for 12 months prior to the selection period to be eligible.